Is Kortfilm.be a streaming platform?

Yes and no. Kortfilm.be is an online hub on short films. In addition to texts and viewing tips, we also offer a curated video on demand collection.

Is every text available in English?

No, only the sections WATCH, NWS, AGENDA and LIVE are bilingual (for now). 

I can't find an old text, what happened?

A substantial portion of (Dutch) texts is still offline. In the coming months, most of them will reappear online.


What's the cost of a subscription?

A subscription costs only €25/year.

When are new films added to the catalog?

Every three weeks, with a short summer break in August. New releases always appear in pairs, as a Belgian short film is linked to an (international) film by a guest curator.

Are the films available internationally?

All films are available worldwide.

Are the films subtitled?

All films have subtitles available in, at least, Dutch and/or English.

Can I pay without Visa or Mastercard?

Unfortunately, no. For now, we only accept credit cards.

How do I end my subscription?

The subscription is automatically renewed annually. You can end it through the settings in your profile.

Do you also organize film programs?

On a regular basis, Kortfilm.be organizes short film screenings, in collaboration with various festivals and other partners.

How much does a short film program cost?

A quote is custom made. Please contact us at info@kortfilm.be for more information.